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Mustard Honey

It is white to light amber in colour with PF scale 18-85 mm and has a Characteristic taste. It's Generally crystallized with enjoyable qualities and has a low acid content.

Lychee Honey

It is white to light amber in colour with PF scale 18 - 85 mm and has a pleasant aroma & delicious flavor. It is Slightly acidic in nature.

Types of Honey....

The types of honey depend upon the flower and the location from where the honey is being extracted. The varying weather patterns and landscapes in India aid the hosting of different flora which is habitat of many varieties of honey bee. Due to such favourable natural factors, one can find different forms and types of honey in the country.

These differing forms of honey, generally, differ in their aroma, taste as well as some special characteristics which each one of them possesses. We offer different varieties of honey to our customers.

Sunflower Honey

It is very attractive golden yellow in colour with PF scale 35-85 mm and has a verry pleasant flavor. It reminiscent of the Sunflower blossom.

Forest Honey

It is extra light amber to amber in colour with PF scale 35-114 mm and is rich in aroma. This variety of honey is rich in medicinal values and is organic in nature.