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Quality  Control....

In our quality control laboratory, extensive tests are carried out to determine the quality of honey during purchasing, processing and packaging so that you may enjoy only the finest, sweetest and most quality consistent of our products. We follow stringent checks to ensure the honey we supply adheres to all the quality norms of respective lands where our honey is so graciously received.

  • AOAC and BIS methods to analyze honey quality & identity
  • Residue analysis for antibiotics & pesticides
  • We also perform pollen count on all unifloral honey for their nomenclature
  • Microbiological on raw & finished products, including aerobic plate count and yeast and mold count
  • Continuous quality monitoring of production specification like color, moisture & flavors
  • Complete commercial analysis including F/G ratio, HMF, diastase & sugar profile

Quality Assurance....

In recent years much has been discussed nationally and internationally concerning quality. Our success and even survival demands that we deliver error-free services and product to our customers. Quality is not always easy. It takes determination, education and a clear process of implementation .It also requires change in the way we think. What we follow is:

  • Incoming Inspection
  • In process inspection
  • Pre dispatch Inspection